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GOVENDAKΠ    Govenda Kurdî-International

Internationaler Kurdischer Tanz

Die offene Tanzgruppe GovendaKÎ wendet sich an hier lebende Menschen aus aller Welt. Wir erlernen Tänze und deren Bedeutung aus den verschiedenen Regionen Kurdistans und werden uns durch gemeinsames Tanzen mit all unseren unterschiedlichen Lebenserfahrungen besser kennenlernen. Tanz ist eine verbindende Weltsprache. Die Gruppe ist für Anfänger_innen und Fortgeschrittene, für jung und alt, geeignet.


Koma govendê a GOVENDAKÎ bo hemu miroven ku li wir dijin hatiye damezirandin. Em e hînî govendên Kurdî ên ji tevekên Kurdistanê bibin û li ser wateya wan hûr bibin. Em dixwazin di rêya govendê de hevûdî, serpêhatîyên hev û rengê jiyana hevûdin nasbikin. Govend zimanekî gerdunî ê ku mirovan bi hev re girê dide. Govenda me bo destpêkan, zaneyan, jin û mêr, kal û xortan e.


GovendaKÎ means "Govenda Kurdi International" (Kurdish Dance International)

GovendaKÎ is a dance-action group open for everybody, young and old, advanced or beginner.

The group was founded in early 2012 by several people of different origins as a social-cultural initiative. Regularly every Saturday, the group meets  from 7 pm to 10 pm. We learn traditional dances, especially from all regions of Kurdistan, but also dances of other oppressed and threatened people. The group is of international composition: people originally from Kurdistan as well as from Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Greece, Serbia, France and Germany participate as they want and need to - some of us come regularly others only from time to time. We also take part in dance performances or on solidarity events regarding various topics (for example donation collecting for hospitals and schools in the war zones of Syria) or simply dance in public places.


We dance with and for refugees, who have to live in "first reception centers" and "refugee camps" as well and sometimes we organize festivals and dance-picnics together. People who had to flee their home countries often after traumatizing experiences during armed conflict or political crises need first of all the feeling of being welcome and understood when arriving here in Germany, a country that is foreign and strange to them. Dancing together, being active and learning from each other is one possibility to  preserve self-respect in the often destructive conditions in the camps.The group is non professional and non profit. When performing, those of the group who have time and the wish to do so come along.

Kontakt GovendaKI


Mariannenstraße 47

10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Tanzlehrer : Veysi Özgür



Mariannenstraße 47

10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg




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Samstag 19.00-22.00 Uhr

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